Lymm May Queen May 2022 Date!
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History of the Lymm May Queen

The May Queen Festival was a tradition originating from the High Middle Ages in England. The May Queen was also known as the “Summer Queen” and her duty was to begin the May Day celebrations. The May Queen was also known as The Maiden, the goddess of spring, flower bride, queen of the fairies, and the lady of the flowers.

Today, the May Queen is usually a girl of a certain age who is selected to either walk or ride in the parade for the May Day celebrations. She is generally crowned before the dancing around the May Pole commences. Many areas keep this tradition around today and Lymm Village is proud of their tradition to keep the May Queen going.

During 1947 the Lymm May Queen Festival Society was reformed by an enthusiastic group of people, who proceeded to make a success of it to such an extent that they were able to help various local charities. Presently the May Queen supports lots of local charities, the money donated to charity is that which is collected on route of the procession, with the money raised on the field helping to offset the staging of the festival.